Exclusive Details: 'Snow White' Kristen Stewart NOT Fired From Franchise But Fate Unclear Says Source

August 15, 2012 By:
Exclusive Details: 'Snow White' Kristen Stewart NOT Fired From Franchise But Fate Unclear Says Source

Robert Pattinson has bounced back from the Twilight cheating scandal like a champ, in fact, the cheated-on look has surprisingly made him more attractive, but Kristen Stewart is dodging more “has been fired from…” headlines in the last two weeks than most celebs deal with in a lifetime.

She dropped out of a new movie called “Cali,” she reportedly got fired from “Balenciaga” (she didn’t, false alarm), and now she’s supposedly fired from the Snow White and The Huntsman sequel.

What IS true is that she hasn’t been fired, despite what you’ve been reading elsewhere. Here’s what’s actually happening with K-Stew from a very reliable source close to the production.

“She was not dropped [from Snow White And The Huntsman]. At all. The Hollywood Reporter story is completely untrue,” the source tells Hollyscoop.

Just to make sure you don't confuse the facts any further, the co-chairman of Universal Donna Langley released this statement:

"We are extremely proud of Snow White And The Huntsman and we’re currently exploring all options to continue the franchise. Any reports the Kristen Stewart has been dropped are false.”

This statement comes after Universal released the very vague, "We are exploring options to continue the franchise and no decisions have been made."

The major report is that the new Snow White flick is going to be a spin-off featuring the Huntsman exclusively, which is why the rumors started swirling that K-Stew would not be involved.

But our source says that’s not set in stone either.

“Universal is exploring all options because the franchise was so successful. They are exploring the option of doing a sequel. They are exploring the option of doing a spin-off. And Kristen could very well be in either one of them - or both of them,” our source tells Hollyscoop.

As for the rumors that Rupert Sanders will be directing the new flick, we hear that “no director has been attached to either one of the ideas yet. [But] Rupert could still be the director. No decisions have been made by Universal, but Kristen Stewart has definitely not been dropped or told she cannot return if sequels or spin-offs are done," says the source.

Basically, K-Stew is in the clear (for now) because nothing has been decided (yet).

So there.