See Kristen Stewart Break Arms In New 'Twilight' Photo

July 4, 2012 By:
See Kristen Stewart Break Arms In New 'Twilight' Photo

In order to keep us Twihards on pins and needles, Summit Entertainment drops one photo every couple of weeks from the upcoming The Twilight Saga: Breaking Dawn – Part 2.

The new photo shows the newly vampiric Kristen Stewart arm wrestling a freakishly buff Kellan Lutz, who plays her brother in law.

Let me break down what’s happening in the scene between Kellan and Kristen. So, Kristen Stewart is a “newborn” vampire which means she’s crazy strong. First born vampires could probably demolish a shopping mall with a flick of their pinky.

So, Kellan’s character, who is widely regarded as the buffest and strongest vampire in all of Washington, challenges K-Stew to an arm wrestling match. I won’t give anything away, but spoiler alert: you’ll be surprised by Kristen’s strength.

Kellan Lutz told MTV that filming this particular scene was “fun.”

“I really had an amazing time shooting the armwrestling scene with Kristen [Stewart],” says Kellan, “It’s great seeing her take on the vampire character of Bella. Arm wrestling her and seeing her all brooding and [acting] tough, it was fun.”

“She’s a strong girl,” he laughed, “It turned out really well.”

He even joked that she “hurt his arm.”

Taylor also added that he enjoyed watching Kristen get her vampire-on!

“We did a scene in the backyard of the Cullen house where Bella [Stewart] gets made at me,” says Lautner, “She is literally throwing me around the backyard. So it was pretty fun to see Kristen try and act all tough. She’s a vampire; she’s chucking me across the yard into trees and stuff. It was funny.”