Rupert Sanders: Kristen Stewart Was Worst Mistake Of My Life

August 7, 2012 By:

Adding insult to injury, Kristen Stewart’s one time make-out buddy is reportedly calling her the “worst mistake of his life.”

Ouch. I mean, nobody loves a homewrecker, but K-Stew just can’t win. She lost her boyfriend. Her affair didn’t even turn into a LeAnn Rimes/Eddie Cibrian situation. And now her adulterous lover calls her a “mistake.”

Rupert Sanders is reportedly devastated because his wife Liberty Ross won’t speak to him and he fears she will divorce him and take the kids.

Liberty was spotted out in L.A. with the kids over the weekend and wasn’t wearing her wedding band.

“Rupert is willing to do absolutely anything and everything he can to save his marriage, he realizes this is the worst mistake of his life, and he cannot believe he was so stupid,” a source close to the actor said.

The affair was stupid, because CHARLIZE THERON also stared in his movie and Rupert decided to go with Kristen Stewart? Charlize is hot, single, and age appropriate. Yes, Rupert, it was stupid, you should have cheated with Charlize. Also, cheating is bad, but, you know what I mean.

“The thought of losing his wife and children, who he loves more than anything in the world is killing him,” adds the source.

I wonder if he and K-Stew are in contact? Last we checked, K-Stew was hiding out at her producer friend’s house.

Meanwhile, Robert Pattinson will be the first of the Twi-gate scandal to step out publicly. He’s reportedly going to appear at the Cosmopolis premiere in New York on August 13 and on "Good Morning America" on August 15. Set your DVR's now!