Robert Pattinson Moves Out On Kristen Stewart

July 26, 2012 By:

Ever since Kristen-Cheats-On-Robert-Pattinson-With-A-Married-Guy-Causing-Twihards-To-Bring-On-The-Rapture I have seriously been wondering how Robert Pattinson is handling the news.

It’s no surprise that RPatz wanted to marry Kristen Stewart. He was always more smitten with her than she appeared to be with him. Sources have told E! News in the past that “He worships her. He doesn’t think there is another woman on the planet who is as beautiful and kind as her. He wants to be with her 24/7, he wants to marry her…”

Well, that’s all old news now because R-Patz has reportedly moved out of the $6 million Los Feliz home that he has shared with Kristen for almost a year.

It’s believed that Robert bought the home and invited Kristen to move in with him but now the Vampire heartthrob has packed his bags.

“I’m not sure they’ll be able to recover from this,” a source close to the couple told People, “he is heartbroken and angry.”

Apparently, Rob is not even in contact with Kristen.

It looks like Kristen’s plan has backfired. Her painfully honest apology was apparently meant to get Rob back, and a lot of us thought he would forgive her, but for now the two are on the rocks.

Also, it’s unsure if Kristen was having a torrid affair with Rupert Sanders or if this was a one time thing, but Rupert’s dad says it was just a momentary fling.

“From what I gather, nothing really happened and it is all a lot of fuss about nothing. I should imagine it was something very brief,” Rupert’s dad Michael revealed.

Talking about his son’s marriage to model Liberty Ross, Michael says, “Of course their relationship will survive this. This is nothing – they will definitely survive all of this. It is all a lot of fuss about nothing.”

Only time will tell what will happen to R-Patz and K-Stew. One thing is sure, the final Twilight film press tour is going to be AWKWARD!