Proof Kristen Stewart Isn't Sorry For Cheating

November 19, 2012 By:
Proof Kristen Stewart Isn't Sorry For Cheating


Ever since Robert Pattinson and Kristen Stewart appeared to have rekindled their romance, it seems The Twilight Saga: The Cheating Fiasco has been brushed under the rug, except for gossip blog “The Examiner” who rounded up every interview with KStew in the past few months to prove that she shows no remorse for cheating on Rob. 

I have to admit, they did a REALLY good job gathering all the interviews where she basically laughs off the cheating scandal.

I’m not saying she doesn’t feel guilty, she probably does, but the way she talks in interviews makes it seem like she forgot to pick Rob up from LAX one time and not that she got to third base with her married director.

In a recent interview with Telva magazine, Kristen said, “Of course I make mistakes…I’m not hard on myself. I’m impulsive when I have to make decisions. I’m not afraid to make mistakes.”

Well, when that mistake embarrasses your significant other and ruins another couple’s marriage, you should probably be hard on yourself, it’s called “not being a sociopath.”

In another interview with a Mexican tabloid, she said, “if you’re an honest person you’ll make mistakes, but it’ll be OK. The most interesting things happen after making mistakes.”

It was only OK because Rob took you back. The rest of us cheat and get kicked to the curb, not all mistakes are OK!

I would just like to interject that I LOVE KStew, so I’m just re-iterating the facts here, ok?

Kristen also told The Sun that she “relies heavily on the director/actor relationship.”

And just last month when Kristen appeared on the TODAY show, she was asked if she had gotten back together with Rob and said, “I’m going to just let people watch whatever little movie they think our lives are…Keep ‘em guessing, I always say.”

The Examiner thinks that she was just too casual with that last quote, saying if she really felt bad about cheating she shouldn’t have made a joke about it.

I think it’s all a little TOO HARSH, Kristen’s just awkward in interviews. Besides, remember when she released that heartfelt apology where she admitted that Rob was the “most important thing in [her] life?” C’mon that showed remorse.

Tell us how you really feel Hollyscoopers. Should Kristen be more thankful that Rob took her back?