Liberty Ross In-Depth Interview About Kristen Stewart Affair

October 30, 2013 By:
Liberty Ross In-Depth Interview About Kristen Stewart Affair
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“It was horrible. It was really the worst, really the worst.”

This is how Liberty Ross described the fallout after her husband’s public affair with Kristen Stewart.

Liberty Ross (the scorned woman in the KStew/Rupert Sanders affair) spoke to Vanity Fair about the scandal for the first time since it happened.

Apparently her husband told her he was cheating just one day before the paparazzi photos of Rupert kissing Kristen Stewart went online. At the suggestion of her brother, Liberty went to a friend’s house up the coast to hide out from paparazzi.

“I was able to be there completely secluded,” said Liberty.

Her brother also talked to the mag and said Liberty and Rupert were totally unprepared for the media sh*tstorm that was about to hit.

“It was f*cking crazy,” said her brother. “To some extent at that moment, Rupert was in denial, and Liberty didn’t know what was going to happen.”

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