Liberty Ross And Rupert Sanders In Therapy – Not Divorcing

August 9, 2012 By:
Liberty Ross And Rupert Sanders In Therapy – Not Divorcing

The Twilight cheating scandal continues. Kristen Stewart’s face suck partner Rupert Sanders and his wife Liberty Ross are apparently trying to stay together.

Even though Liberty has stopped wearing her wedding band (but Rupert still dons his) a source told TMZ that the couple are going to marriage counseling but don’t want to get a divorce, if they can avoid it.

On Wednesday, the two were spotted arriving in separate cars to an office building in L.A., and while we thought they were meeting with their lawyers, apparently they were going to a counseling session.

However, if they truly were getting counseling, it’s bizarre that they left separately. Then, a paparazzo trailed Liberty as she was spotted going to lunch at Hollywood hot spot Cecconi’s with a very attractive male friend.

Her very attractive male friend might be her friend, her brother, or her assistant, I don’t know, but it’s weird that she and Rupert are trying to mend their relationship by driving in separate cars and then going on lunch dates after their counseling sessions.

However, sources say that Liberty DOES have a lawyer but she doesn’t want a divorce. Their apparent goals for therapy are figuring out why Rupert cheated. Can they also figure out why he went for K-Stew and not Charlize? The public is having a hard time wrapping our heads around that one.

Anyway, the deal-breaker is: If Liberty can get some assurance from Rupert and their therapists that what he did was a terrible mistake that he will not repeat it again, then they won’t divorce.