Kristen Stewart Still Partying Hard Without Robert Pattinson

March 4, 2013 By:
Kristen Stewart Still Partying Hard Without Robert Pattinson
Image By: Twitter

Everyone’s favorite professional pouter Kristen Stewart has turned into a total party animal now that her boyfriend Robert Pattinson is off in Australia filming The Rover. That is, if KStew and RPatz are even together! #ConspiracyTheorist

Kristen and her gal pal Tamra Natisin, who also shares Kristen’s love of backwards hats, went out in Hermosa Beach last night to check out a Marcus Foster concert. 

Tamra Natisin happens to be Katy Perry’s assistant and Katy is friends with RPatz.

Mark Foster is also one of Rob’s friends which has led a lot of tabloids to allege that Kristen is hanging out with all of Rob’s friends because she’s clingy and misses Rob and doesn’t have her own friends. Or they have the same group of friends which is more likely the case. Damn tabloids.

Anyways, Kristen also partied with this Tamra chick at an Ellie Goulding concert last month AND on Saturday, she and Tamra went to a roller derby and posed for photos with fans.

Is Kristen trying to distract herself from missing Rob, or did she finally let her party animal out while Rob is out of town? She’s sure doing a lot of partying with chicks who wear trucker hats and boyish clothes. Hmmm…