Kristen Stewart's Mom Cuts Her From Her Film

March 11, 2013 By:
Kristen Stewart's Mom Cuts Her From Her Film

Kristen Stewart’s mom Jules Stewart (who looks like Kristen Stewart in 40 years after joining a biker gang) has just revealed that she cut her own daughter from her film directorial debut, K-11.

We had heard about this movie nearly 6 years ago, when KStew and her Twilight co-star Nikki Reed were both attached to star, but then Kristen was replaced by up-and-comer Portia Doubleday.

Oh, before we forget, this is a gritty, straight-to-pay-per-view film about the gay wing in the LA County Jail. Kristen was supposed to play the part of a troubled young transgender.

So why did Kristen get kicked out of her own mom’s movie? Because Kristen is “too famous” to appear in a straight-to-pay-per-view movie, obviously.

No seriously, that’s what her mom said. Kristen agreed to do the film at the same time as the Twilight release, she was just an "indie" actress at the time. 

“She kept working and she kept working and she kept working,” says mom Jules, “And she got really big and we were still really small and I was like, ‘Go! Go do Snow White, please, go make those big films honey, that’s wonderful!’”

Kristen does have a cameo as a “secretary who picks up a very important phone call.”

Haha, what? Kristen “I made $25 million for Breaking Dawn” Stewart is playing a secretary who answers the phone!? Wow.

However, Jules laments that KStew never got the opportunity to do the role, saying, “Kristen has a dark side. Kristen has the edge, thank God, right?”

Yes, of course, we thank God every day that Kristen Stewart has “the edge.” “Thank God for Kristen Stewart,” – The Bible.