Kristen Stewart Is Officially A Homewrecker

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Kristen Stewart Is Officially A Homewrecker
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It’s official, Kristen Stewart is a homewrecker. Now settle down, Twihards, put away your pitchforks, Liberty Ross has filed for divorce from Rupert Sanders, so technically Kristen’s little indiscretion with Rupert makes her a homewrecker.  Technically speaking.

On Friday, Liberty Ross filed for divorce from her husband of 10 years. We’re actually not surprised, both she and Rupert were spotted around town without their wedding bands for some time now; I guess they just finally got around to making the split official.

Now, we can’t assume that Rupert’s affair with KStew caused the break-up, but according to a Us Weekly, they claim the affair is entirely the reason for the split.

“[Rupert] did want to try to repair the relationship and didn’t want a divorce, they gave it a shot for the kids, [But Liberty] was just so angry, she’s the kind of person who wouldn’t really ever get over it,” says the source.

Then, to get her revenge, Liberty posed nude for Love magazine to flaunt her smoking hot body. She puts Victoria’s Secret models to shame. It’s a total this-is-what-you-cheated-on-do-you-regret-it jab at her soon to be ex-husband.

I bet Rupert is totally regretting that car-romp with KStew now as he’s the ONLY one who got the short end of the stick in this situation.

Liberty has moved on, Kristen got back with Robert Pattinson (and maybe also recently got dumped) AND Rupert wasn’t asked to direct the Snow White sequel. Sorry, bro. 

To the handful of dudes reading this post, congratulations on making it all the way through, here are the NSFW tasteful nudies of Liberty Ross.