Kristen Stewart: My Life is Like a Ridiculous Soap Opera

November 25, 2009 By:
Kristen Stewart: My Life is Like a Ridiculous Soap Opera

If you thought your personal life was a mess, thank your lucky stars you're not a celebrity! Kristen Stewart says she feels like her life has become a "ridiculous soap opera" lately and she can't even leave her hotel room without getting ambushed.

Speaking to British magazine Grazia, Kristen said, “It [my life] has become like a ridiculous soap opera that seems real but you’re not quite sure." She added, “I don’t leave my hotel room. That’s the only way to avoid being followed.

Once in a while she'll escape unnoticed, but even when she does, she can only hangout with her cast members because they're the only ones who understand what she's going through. “Sometimes I manage to escape and I’m able to hang out with other cast members.

“You’re caught in this dilemma of wanting to be a normal person and knowing that if you do go out and have fun that it might turn out to be a big story.”

It must be hard going from being a regular teenager to a mega star that can't leave your house without making headlines. Would you trade your privacy in exchange for being a mega celebrity?