Kristen Stewart Looks Sad, Goes To Concert With Dad

October 8, 2012 By:
Kristen Stewart Looks Sad, Goes To Concert With Dad

Kristen Stewart stepped out in public yesterday. Unfortunately she wasn’t with Robert Pattinson, but had they been, that paparazzi shot would have fueled the daydreams of Twihards for another month.

Anyways, the actress went to a concert with her dad. Booorrringgg.

Kristen and dear old dad took in the Florence + The Machine concert at the Hollywood Bowl last night. Kristen wore short shorts, tennis shoes, and a hoodie and some bright red lipstick. If you could imagine grunge Snow White, that’s exactly what Kristen was working with.

As if K-Stew’s own cheating/break-up/reconciliation rumors weren’t enough to deal with, Kristen’s parents have filed for divorce.

Kristen’s mom Jules recently filed for divorce from dad John after 27 years of marriage.

This is one of Kristen’s first photos out-and-about in LA. She’s mostly spotted over in Europe going to fashion shows to fulfill her duties as the face of Balenciaga. But as for LA trips, it’s been a while since we’ve seen her shuffling through LA with those signature ripped shorts, tank top, bra straps, and hoodie-garb.

Robert, on the other hand, was supposedly on the East Coast partying it up at a dinner for the IFC Film festival. We say supposedly, because this sighting was only confirmed by a twitter fan who wrote OMG…just saw Robert Pattinson at the Monkey Bar, New York! #hot&sexy #worththewait.”