Kristen Stewart Jokes About The Cheating Scandal

September 28, 2012 By:
Kristen Stewart Jokes About The Cheating Scandal

What do you do when you cheat on the most famous man in Hollywood? You release an apology statement, you hide out in exile for two months, and then you emerge with a freshly painted scowl and you make a joke about it!


Kristen Stewart was just in Paris for Fashion Week and was talking to a reporter for Women’s Wear Daily who asked her how she was adjusting to Paris’ grey skies when Kristen joked:

“Yeah, I guess I’m used to it.”

For the record, she's not referring to the grey skies in Los Angeles, because it's about 100 degrees out right now.

Girl, according to the media-blogs (which are ALWAYS true, for sure) your too-good-for-you boyfriend just took you back, so don’t act like it’s all grey skies and thunderstorms in Los Angeles when you are comfortably snuggling with Rob at your Los Feliz love-nest even though you cheated on him!

In related news, NONE of Rob and Kristen’s friends want them to get back together.

"Kristen and Rob's friends absolutely don't believe that this reconciliation is going to last. Rob believes that Kristen didn't sleep with Rupert, but the fact is, she still cheated on him,” a source close to the couple is revealing.

"Rob's pals think it was easier for him to get back together with her right now because of the upcoming publicity blitz they are going to embark on to promote Breaking Dawn."

“Kristen loves Rob, no question about it, but she just isn't as mature as he is. Rob's buddies would be stunned if the couple goes the distance."

Yeah me too, is it bad that I’m rooting for a break-up?