Kristen Stewart is 'Proud' Of Her Topless Scenes

May 31, 2012 By:
Kristen Stewart is 'Proud' Of Her Topless Scenes

Girls Gone Wild: Kristen Stewart Edition.

Kristen Stewart takes her top off for a threesome scene in her upcoming film “On The Road.” But don’t get too excited, she probably keeps her Converse All Stars on and mumbles her way through the whole thing, “errhm, uhmm, serious actress, errhh, Twilight, errhh, my boobs.”

However, she’s not afraid of her turn from “Twilight” ingénue to racy screen siren.

“I can’t say it’s not a little bit jarring, but it’s jarring in the right way,” Stewart told E! Online, “I wanted it to be. I’m really proud of it.”

She also says she’s getting a little annoyed by all the fuss people are making about the movie, well, I mean, the movie is all “Kristen Stewart” and “seminude” and “threesome” so I don’t know what she expected.

“People are really predictable,” she says of the attention the nudity is getting, “I completely expected that.”

In an interview from earlier this month, Kristen says she was super calm while filming the nude scenes, especially since she’s publicly stated how awkward she felt doing the tame heavy-petting scenes in “Twilight.”

“I genuinely did feel so completely comfortable [during filming] that watching it now even I’m like ‘Woah!’” says Kristen, “Which is fine, that’s the way I should react to it. I’m so not like her, as I’ve said, but uhm…”

In case you can’t understand Kristen’s nonsense, let me translate that sentence for you.

Kristen felt fine filming the nude scenes, but when she watched the nude scenes she was surprised by what she saw, but she wasn’t surprised that she felt surprised. Also, she is nothing like her character.

Her co-star Garrett Hedlund says the sex scene was scheduled for the first day on set, “Our first day of shooting was answering the door naked and her being in bed over there. But you know, the characters you’re playing. You just go for it,” says Hedlund.

The point of this story is…if you are a guy, you should be seeing “On The Road” and not “Snow White and the Huntsman.”