Kristen Stewart Is Fully Nude and Smiling About It

October 4, 2012 By:
Kristen Stewart Is Fully Nude and Smiling About It

Move over Kate Middleton. There’s a new naked lady in town.

Nudes photos of Kristen Stewart have hit the Internet, showcasing just about every inch of the actress that don’t normally see the sun. The snaps are, in fact, screen shots from her new film On The Road where she happens to strip down for the camera.

The UK’s Daily Mail has published a total of two photos of the naked KStew action, one of Kriten on a hotel bed and one in the passenger seat of a 1960s car.

In both, the Twilight actress appears to be sans clothes… Also, in both, it’s hard not to notice her competing nipples…

I’m not exactly a connoisseur of boob, but from these blurry images her left and right quadrants seem to be heading in opposite directions. But, to be fair, she is contorted in some awkward positions.

The first image shows KStew on the bed. She holds her hair back with one hand and cradles a cigarette in the other, as she peers over her right shoulder. Her right breast, illuminated by the bedside lamp, points north as her left remains hidden behind her silhouette.

Image number two show Kristen sitting in the car between costars Garrett Hedlund and Sam Riley, all seemingly in their birthday suits. In the straight on shot, her right nipple is present once again but her left nipple is inexplicably M.I.A.

Obviously proud of the exposed role, Kristen has been busy jetting around the world to promote it.

A limited release of the film is expected on December 21, 2012.