Kristen Stewart Hates the Press

November 20, 2010 By:
Kristen Stewart Hates the Press

Kristen Stewart hates having to do press every time she has a new movie coming out. She thinks her job is to act, not talk to the media.

“I hate the interview process,” Kristen moaned. “I do my work, same as you, why do I have to talk about it? I just want to be an actor.

This is the classic case of rich people problems. I'm sure she doesn't mind cashing the paychecks that have many zeroes at the end, but doesn't understand that the reason she gets so much money is because she is talking about the movie to the press.

“I had an interview training session and was I was, ‘F*** you. You think you’re going to put soundbites in my mouth?”"

I love how she had to have an interview training session. Clearly, she didn't listen during the training session because Kristen's interviews are usually awkward and uncomfortable, but at least now I know why. It's cause she hates doing them.

How does she expect anyone to watch her movies if she's not gonna promote it?