Kristen Stewart: Glam Vs Grunge

January 25, 2013 By:
Kristen Stewart: Glam Vs Grunge
Image By: W Magazine

Disclaimer: Both photos are of the same woman.

Kristen Stewart is that rare celebrity who can go from glam to grunge and back again and can rock either look.

Obviously, KStew on the left is the one we’re most used to seeing; I’m calling it Kristen’s “airport, default, off-the-carpet” look. Kristen’s signature non-hair-part and her sunken vampire eyes would normally make anyone else look homeless, but Kristen makes it look model chic.

This photo is from a recent photo shoot with W Magazine featuring a group of make-up free actresses in an article titled, “best performances” because great acting is also signified by a make-up free face.

The photo on the right is from another of Kristen’s W Magazine shoots in the past, which features a KStew we NEVER see: Winged tip eyes, frosty lips, giant bouffant hair. Google “Kristen Stewart Glamorous,” and the results are either this or one other photo.

She even filled in her eyebrows. Soak it up, because THIS kind of Kristen is a RARE thing.

What do you think Hollyscoopers? Do you like Glam or Grunge KStew? Honestly, Kristen makes greasy hair look good and her makeover on the right puts beauty pageant contestants to shame.