Kristen Stewart Getting Oscar Buzz

December 10, 2012 By:
Kristen Stewart Getting Oscar Buzz

Kristen Stewart is reportedly going to be nominated for an Oscar. No, NOT for Twilight, for her role in On The Road.

There’s apparently a lot of real acting going on in this movie, i.e. the opposite of Twilight.

The creative team behind On The Road is pushing for Kristen to get a nod for best supporting actress. I don't know how the academy voting process works, but basically she's highly being urged to get a nomination. 

According to early reviews for the film, some are saying the movie is boring UNTIL Kristen appears onscreen.

Also, KStew appears topless in the flick, which is usually Oscar-bait, for sure.

Talking about going naked on camera, Kristen told Huffington Post, “This book celebrates being alive and it celebrates being human, and if you want to cover up and deny any aspect of that, you are denying the spirit of the book. I think that it would have been so wrong to shy away from anything in this movie. I think that I would have gotten flak for that. I think that it would have been that I was scared to disappoint my "Twilight" fans or something.”

So, just to reiterate, Kristen was afraid her Twilight fans would hate her if she didn’t take her top off. Uhhh, ok?

Also, Kristen is FOR SURE going to do that steamy romantic comedy with Ben Affleck. Yes, Twihards, your precious Kristen+Robert on-camera love fest has come to an end, because KStew will now be doing sexy scenes on camera with Ben Affleck. Yah, the Argo guy.

Or as Kristen says, “I can confirm that rumor. It’s a comedy, I’m really excited about it, we start shooting in April.”