Kristen Stewart Getting Close to Katy Perry’s Ex

August 6, 2013 By:
Kristen Stewart Getting Close to Katy Perry’s Ex

It's shady when your ex-boyfriend starts hanging out with your former mutual pal for "moral support."

Clearly, we’re talking about the Katy Perry, Robert Pattinson and Kristen Stewart love triangle of death.

So what did Kristen do to get even with Katy? She started hanging out with Katy’s ex-boyfriend Travie McCoy.

Travie is/was the frontman for Gym Class Heroes and dated Katy Perry from 2006-2008, but they broke up because of DRUGS!

Anyways, according to The Sun (a UK publication), who inexplicably knows who is hanging out with KStew, apparently Kristen and Travie have become fast friends (or something) since her breakup.

“Kristen's decided the only way she can get over Rob is by keeping busy and hanging out with other guys. Travie's just what the doctor ordered, he's wild, funny and a rocker, so he's right up Kristen's street.”

They aren’t dating or hooking up, but the source says Travie is down if it turned out that way.

“If Kristen wants a no-strings fling, he’d made it clear he fancies her,” adds the source.

If Rob is gonna go run to Katy Perry after his breakup, then Kristen is completely in the right for hanging with Katy’s ex. Well played KStew, well played.