Kristen Stewart Celebrates with Taylor Lautner

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Kristen Stewart Celebrates with Taylor Lautner
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With boyfriend Robert Pattinson filming out of the country, Kristen Stewart has been spending her time all around town at various parties.

They weren't exactly anything all too crazy, it's just she spent so much time laying low last year that anytime she steps out to grab the morning paper we consider her a party animal. Last night, KStew continued to let her hair down and if there's anyone to bring out this wild side of her it's her co-star Taylor Lautner because it was his birthday and he is a werewolf after all.

Taylor celebrated his milestone 21st year (werepuppies, they grow so fast…), not licking up Patron shots at a Hollywood club, but by lacing up his big boy shoes and going for some low-key bowing at Lucky Strike in LA.

The crazy debauchery began around 9:30 p.m. on Monday. Kristen didn't stroll up into the joint until around midnight, however, because she had just come from a previous party at Ellie Goulding's concert.

Though her appearance may have looked otherwise, she wasn't at all worn out by her long evening partying it up around the city. "Taylor was super nice, very polite," a source tells Us. KStew was wearing a backwards baseball cap (probably Rob's), a ripped t-shirt (probably Rob's), scuffed Converse sneakers (probably Rob's), and leggings (probably Rob's).

"Everyone was having a blast. Everyone was super into the bowling," the super observant source then adds, drawing attention to the one activity you can engage in at a bowling alley.

The birthday bowling wrapped up around 1:30 a.m. with the entire party singing him "Happy Birthday," not slurring any words because apparently no one was drinking. It was that crazy.