Kristen Stewart Boo’d During “Twilight” Clip At VMA

September 7, 2012 By:
Kristen Stewart Boo’d During “Twilight” Clip At VMA

While Kristen Stewart was off in Toronto wowing Canadian film goers with her infamous scowl, Robert Pattinson and the rest of the Twilight entourage attended the VMAs to present an exclusive new clip of NEVER BEFORE SEEN footage.

Rob, who was all smiles, told the audience, “it’s been an amazing journey and we’d like to thank all the fans of the series for your incredible enthusiasm from the beginning until now, the final chapter,” said Pattinson.

Then they played the Twilight clip which was met with loud booing! WHAT!? You can’t hear it in the video clip but a source in the audience last night told Hollyscoop, “As soon as Kristen Stewart’s face came onscreen the audience started to boo!”

Clearly, the MTV audience is Pro-Pattinson.

In the much-anticipated video clip, we see Rob and Kristen as they were (blissfully in love). The new vampire parents are seen fighting for their daughter’s life from the Volturi, the vampire equivalent of a corrupt government, who assume that their half-vampire half-human child is actually a human child they bit and turned into a vampire – an act that is “illegal” in vampire lore.

Or as Kristen says through gritted teeth (her favorite), “She was born, NOT bitten. She grows everyday!”

Everyday! She grows EVERYDAY! Did you hear that?

So anyways, that’s happening. If the fans boo her during a 90 second video clip I wonder what kind of haters are going to line-up outside the Twilight premiere to heckle the hated Trampire?