Kristen Stewart is a Bada*s in New Photo

August 12, 2013 By:
Kristen Stewart is a Bada*s in New Photo

Kristen Stewart has surfaced on Instagram FINALLY and she’s traded in her backwards hats for basically the same look, ONLY MORE BADA*S!

Kristen is filming the new movie Camp X-Ray with actor Lane Garrison, who is best known for playing prisoners (“Prison Break”) and posed for this photo with KStew wearing matching “Those Mothaf*ckas” hats.


The photo was posted by someone named WestVelyn Snipes, whose Instagram account claims she is an “actress & print model.”

No idea why WestVeyln was on set with KStew and Lane, maybe they are friends?

Either way, Kristen is a total baddie in that hat. What do you think fans? Has your innocent Bella Swan gone too hard? Should she cool it with the hats and the unkempt mane and maybe just put her hair in a pony and wear a skirt?