Kristen Stewart Apologizes for Short, Awkward Balenciaga Interview

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Kristen Stewart Apologizes for Short, Awkward Balenciaga Interview
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As you know, Kristen Stewart is the new face of Florabotanica fragrance from Balenciaga and was scheduled to sit through a 30-minute interview from completely fan submitted questions.

So how’d it go? Not good.

Kristen was supposed to chat about the perfume for 30 minutes, but instead, only went for 15 minutes mostly giving few-word answers.

After the interview awkwardly stopped short and avoided ANY questions that talked about Robert Pattinson, Kristen apologized to fans saying, “I’m sorry we couldn’t fill a whole half hour. I’m really sorry.”

At first she joked, “I knew it, I knew I would fire through these” and then tried to talk about the Balenciaga creative director for a few minutes more before both Kristen and the interviewer kind of just threw in the towel.

Not only that, but she wasn’t giving very elaborate answers to question.

One fan submitted question was, “How do I convince my parents to buy me this fragrance?” to which Kristen says “uhh, be good?”


I guess we can take into consideration that this IS her first major press-event since THE SCANDAL, so when one of the questions asked her if she could speak something in French, Kristen said, “It’s a goal of mine, but I’m so not there yet. I’ve been a little preoccupied.”

Alright, we’ll give her that.

However, Twihards were outraged at this short, clipped interview. They wanted 30 whole minutes with their starlet and were only given 15. At one point, the interviewer went back and re-asked the same questions, probing Kristen for more elaborate answers but Kristen still only gave “yes” answers.

One angry fan @veraleeon on Twitter wrote, “When life gives you 30mins Kristen Stewart & you only use 15 mins…you’re going to hell.”

@dizzy_ladybug half-joked, “Oh we have 30min with Kristen Stewart…nevermind we’ll only need 15. SAID NO ONE EVER.”

Another twitter fan, @chelseaburcz was just upset at how awkward everything was.

“listening to kristen stewart talking about Balenciaga is THE most awkward thing I've ever ever ever ever seen evvvvvveeeeeeerrrrrrrr”

Watch the full interview here: