Kristen Stewart and Robert Pattinson In First Interview Since Cheating Scandal

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Kristen Stewart and Robert Pattinson In First Interview Since Cheating Scandal
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So here’s something that will make every Twihards’ weekend-- Kristen Stewart and Robert Pattinson have done their first couples interview since the CHEATING SCANDAL! They are on screen together, talking together, laughing together, and pretending like nobody cheated on anybody at all ever! Oh, Taylor Lautner was there too, but whatever.

They said a lot of things, let’s get into it.

Because the new flick features them boning 24/7, asked them what audiences can expect from the steamy new scenes.

To which Rob responded, “I haven’t seen it yet, so I don’t know, but I imagine it’s quite like the scene where they’re doing pottery in Ghost.”

Dammit, Robert Pattinson, that was legitimately funny.

Kristen said the new flick is PDA overload, “I feel like every scene in this movie culminates in a kiss.”

Since Halloween was the day before this interview, they had to set the record straight on those weird Halloween costumes Rob and Kristen were spotted wearing. Basically Rob wore a clear Groucho Marks mask that was pretty terrifying.

Rob says it was a “$3 mask I found at a 7-11.”

There were some other cute moments in the interview. Rob says he’d love to go back in time and re-do his and Kristen’s first kissing scene from the original film.

“[I’d like to re-do] the first kiss scene. We did it twice and I messed it up the second time too,” says Rpatz.

The cast remembers their first audition for the flick, with Rob saying he was “extremely nervous. I was crippled with self-consciousness. You had to take your shirt off for a photograph, I told the casting director, 'if that’s what we’re being judged on, then I haven’t got the job.'”

So anyways, Twilight is over, you guys. Or is it?

The gang, plus author Stephenie Meyer sat down for an Entertainment Tonight interview as well, and Stephenie admitted that she would definitely write another installment of the vampire saga sometime in her lifetime.

"There's definitely a crack there.  Well, that doesn't mean the door's open.  I know the stories.  I know where it goes…Some day, maybe,” says Stephenie, “It might just be right before I kick it…I won't have it die with me.  I'll at least write it down for somebody."