Kristen Stewart and Ben Affleck's Steamy Sex Scenes Revealed

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Kristen Stewart and Ben Affleck's Steamy Sex Scenes Revealed
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Last week we reported that Ben Affleck REALLY wanted Kristen Stewart to star opposite him in his upcoming flick Focus.

We knew that the film was a romantic comedy and we knew that Ben and Kristen would be playing love interests, but now the script has leaked and we totally understand why Ben wanted to cast her SO BADLY. Kristen is nude in the flick and they share several steamy sex scenes. I think Hollywood is collectively raising their eyebrows at Ben.


In Touch has a copy of the script and let me just breakdown what’s happening in some of these scenes.

Ok, here’s one scene verbatim from the script.

“Looking up at the man in front of her, the young woman whispers, 'Just kiss me.' He lowers his lips to hers, her back pressed against the hotel room door. After fumbling for the lock, the pair stumble through the hallway to the bedroom, never breaking their embrace. They fall onto the bed in a tangle of limbs.”

One down, two more to go.

In the next scene, “She darts forward, kissing him hard. He quickly reciprocates. It’s a long kiss, but they break for air eventually – staring at one another for an extended beat – heaving breathing, eyes speaking unheard doubts and desires. Then, they resume, passionately and intensely. The chemistry is undeniable.”

Then, in another scene, KStew is completely nude and they have makeup sex after a huge fight.

So Ben Affleck has just cast KStew to play his sex servant, is what this means.

Last week Ben was super excited to get Kristen to fill the role, saying, “I’m hesitant to get into casting stuff because I don’t know what’s finished or isn’t because people come in and out of things all the time, but [Kristen’s] terrific and hopefully it will work out.”

Tsk tsk tsk, another on-set romance for Kristen Stewart might lead to more bad news for Robert Pattinson…