K-Stew Finally Emerges From Shadows In Photos And T-Shirt Form

August 21, 2012 By:
K-Stew Finally Emerges From Shadows In Photos And T-Shirt Form

Following the headline grabbing story of Kristen Stewart’s cheating scandal, the 22-year-old actress has been understandably difficult to track down.

But she finally decided to show her face to the public eye, as Kristen was spotted and snapped in Los Angeles.

In the photos, Kristen carried a coffee and a bushel of what looked like dried twigs in a bag. She quickly hurried past cameras and jumped into the driver seat of her SUV.

She wore a backwards hat and generously cut white crop top, revealing her flat stomach. She hid behind a pair of black sunglasses and finished the ensemble with jeans and a pair of black, low top sneakers.

Unfortunately for Kristen, this is the more flattering story when it comes to her name in headlines today…


A new T-shirt has surfaced to accommodate ticked off fans that want to broadcast their frustration with Kristen’s promiscuous streak to bystanders.
With text reading “Kristen Stewart is a Trampire,” the shirt is being offered by the good people of Skreened to anti-fans for the price of $20.99.

The “T” word doesn’t appear to be going anywhere… It coined in honor of Kristen’s photographed affair, being used to describe her by many, including Will Ferrell on an appearance on “Conan.”

For fans sticking by the actress through the drama, another shirt is being offer with the text “Kristen Stewart for Life.”

From there, it gets even more salacious, as other shirts read “Kristen Stewart F***ing Sucks” and “Robert Pattinson Deserves Better.”

As of now, there is still no shirt to accommodate apathetic fans that reads “I Am Indifferent About the Kristen Stewart Cheating Scandal.”

Since news of the affair broke, Rob has been out promoting his new film Cosmopolis. Meanwhile, Kristen is reportedly planning her official re-emergence on the carpet of the Toronto International Film Festival.