James Franco is Crushing on Kristen Stewart

September 11, 2012 By:
James Franco is Crushing on Kristen Stewart

Is there a Jamesten in the near future?

Following Kristen Stewart’s re-emergence back into the public eye, rumors have already begun about who the Twilight actress will rebound with. And, according to reports, James Franco has volunteered for the position.

RadarOnline.com reports that the Oz: The Great and Powerful actor is putting the moves on Stewart. And, unlike Rupert Sanders’ daytime car quickie, Franco’s woos are dripping with class.

A source told the gossip site that, during a chance encounter at the Toronto International Film Festival, Kristen and James talked for 20 minutes.

“She seemed at ease in his company, and he was certainly making her laugh. She was wearing a huge grin on her face,” she said.

The conversation even dipped into a flirtatious mood…

“Kristen was overjoyed by the attention she was getting from James, who was gushing over her, saying what a great actress he thinks she is and was full of praise for her latest movie, On the Road,” the source continued.

When the chit-chat wrapped up, James made the bold move of asking for Kristen’s phone number and invited her out on a dinner date. But, like a bad ABC Family romantic movie, Kristen said no…

Still the rejection was only a minor setback for the James, who apparently, when it comes to earning KStew’s love, has a determination Kamikaze pilot on crack.

“James definitely wants to see Kristen again, and there’s nothing better for a heartbroken girl than to be admired by a handsome man,” the source said.

While the actor plans his next move to win Kristen over to Team James, the actress has since been spotted in New York City, continuing her promotion of On the Road.

On the carpet she wore a boyish, but still hot look: a slim pair of black pants, an open white buttoned down, cat eyes, and a pair Jimmy Coo heels…

Eat your heart out, James Franco.