Have You Noticed? KStew Dresses Like These Dudes

March 7, 2013 By:
Have You Noticed? KStew Dresses Like These Dudes

Have you noticed? Kristen Stewart dresses exactly like those dudes with certain, uhmmm, late 90's B-List qualities. 

Kristen is GORGY! Her red carpet style is on point, but her personal style reminds us of Fred Durst? Do you know what we mean? We just really wish KStew would call on those Balenciaga contacts and dress up her street style. 

Here are 5 guys that Kristen stole style tips from.

1)   Kristen and Kid Rock having a lot in common. Namely, that hat and those half-smiles.

2)   Where Kevin Federline has some extra weight on his frame, Kristen carries it around on her back.

3)   All she’s missing is a mic and a lack of self-awareness and KStew is dressing a lot like Fred Durst.

4)   Kristen, please don’t turn into this rockaholic! Bret Michaels is not a good look on you!

5)   Oh gawd, Kristen and Jesse James giving us a double take.