From Kristen to Natalie: Celebs Who Got Bad Haircuts for Movie Roles

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From Kristen to Natalie: Celebs Who Got Bad Haircuts for Movie Roles

I wish I could tell people the reason for my awful haircut is that I’m getting into character, but I don’t see that working.

Celebs, on the other hand, have the luxury of blaming their changing looks on the colorful roles they take on. And because stars are called out for every flaw, sometimes getting a bad haircut—or even shaving it all off—can be liberating. Other times, it leaves them feeling like the lead singer of a 90s punk band, and they opt for extensions. Here are 10 celebs and the bad haircuts they got for movie roles.

Natalie Portman: When Natalie Portman was filming V for Vendetta, her long, beautiful locks were chopped off during filming. In a single shot, the one-take-wonder had her natural hair shaved-off while the cameras were rolling, and she was in character crying.

Javier Bardem: Javier Bardem’s Dora The Explorer haircut in No Country for Old Men was so bad, it left the actor depressed.

Costar Josh Brolin claimed: “[Javier] was depressed during the process…he felt like he wouldn’t have sex for three months. Full-blown depression. I mean, bad.”

Bardem said of the ‘do: “You see yourself, you see the haircut. You don’t realize that it’s affecting you in a very delicate way, through your own psyche.”

Kristen Stewart: Stewart wanted to prove to Joan Jett that she wasn’t just the pretty girl from Twilight and could portray her in The Runaways. So she got Joan’s choppy, jet-black style and copied her mannerisms.

“The hair came off, and she got into my character. The way she moved and talked was just like me," Jett said.

Robert Pattinson: Pattinson recently got a bad haircut to match his Twilight costar’s. Pattinson showed up to Comic Con 2011 with half of his head shaved, and the other half having a mind of its own. Apparently the cut is for an upcoming movie, Cosmopolis. In the flick, Pattinson is supposed to play a multi billion-dollar asset manager. From the looks of his new haircut, you’d think he was playing a hamster with mange.

Hilary Swank: In Boys Don’t Cry, Hilary Swank played a transgender who was born female but identifed herself as male. Hilary needed an appropriate haircut. Ditching her long, feminine locks wasn’t a problem for her. But someone else found it difficult to let go:

“We went into the barbershop and the woman just wouldn’t cut it off,” Swank said. “She kept saying, ‘are you sure? You have such beautiful hair.’ Eventually she cut it, but she wouldn’t give me a full boy haircut, so somebody else had to finish chopping it off.”

Ben Affleck: No, it’s not a really, really scary midlife crisis. Ben Affleck recently got a Bieber-esque hairdo for the upcoming thriller, Argo. The movie takes place in 1979, during the Iran hostage crisis.

Keira Knightley: When she was filming Domino, dainty Keira Knightly was playing a model-turned-bounty hunter. Keira’s delicate frame and pretty face don’t really scream “badass”, so to get into character, the actress chopped off all of her hair into a shaggy pixie cut.

“I love it,” Keira said of her ‘do. “It’s very liberating to have it all chopped off.”

Jim Carey: He’s not exactly shy about making himself ugly, but Jim Carey’s ‘do for Dumb and Dumber was pretty bad. To go along with it, Carey took the cap off of his tooth. That’s right, Lloyd Christmas’ chipped tooth in the film was the real deal.

Demi Moore: Like Portman, Demi had to have her head shaved during filming. But probably more challenging was the fact that Demi had to do the shaving herself. And Moore has always been known for her thick, dark locks. Demi said she looked forward to getting it over with:

“The funniest responses came from my children, who would say to friends, 'Hey, do you want to come look at my mom's head?' as if I were a show-and-tell item. Even my husband had a laugh."

Tom Hanks: It’s not like he’s famous for his gorgeous strands, but Tom Hanks sported a pretty bad style in the Da Vinci Code back in 2006. Dark, slicked back and long just isn’t Hanks’ style.