Ben Affleck Wants Kristen Stewart

November 16, 2012 By:
Ben Affleck Wants Kristen Stewart

Kristen Stewart is “in talks” to star opposite Ben Affleck in an upcoming romantic comedy called Focus.

So that’s all fine and dandy, but here’s the catch, Ben Affleck REALLY wants K-Stew in the role. Like, her called her “terrific.”

We're all dying to see this happen, but you may remember there were some blind items that claimed that Ben Affleck allegedly hooked up with Blake Lively when they starred in The Town together, and considering Kristen has a thing for Directors...well...lets just say we'll be following this closely.  

Anyways, Ben told E! News that they are THIS close to getting K-Stew to play his co-lead in this upcoming rom-com, “I’m hesitant to get into casting stuff because I don’t know what’s finished or isn’t because people come in and out of things all the time. But she’s terrific and hopefully it will work out.”

This will work out great because Kristen just told Conan O’Brien that she’s in “desperate need of a job.”

The film is being directed by the same people who directed “Crazy, Stupid, Love,” you know, that awesome movie with Ryan Gosling and Emma Stone. So this new Ben/Kristen movie is not going to be a cheesy rom-com, it’s going to be perfect.

Kristen will play a young woman that Ben meets while hitchhiking.