Ben Affleck Drops Out of 'Focus' After Kristen Stewart Discussions

December 19, 2012 By:
Ben Affleck Drops Out of 'Focus' After Kristen Stewart Discussions

Last month we reported that Ben Affleck was dying to cast Kristen Stewart as his much younger lover in upcoming film, “Focus.”

We’re thinking Kristen was a number #1 choice to star in sexy scenes with Ben, I’m sure he’s read the gossip about her.

However, now Ben has surprisingly dropped out of the film.

Hmm, wonder if his wife Jennifer Garner had anything to do with his exit. I’m sure she’s read the gossip about Kristen Stewart as well. Ben, who's your co-star in that new romance film? Kristen Stewart? The Twilight girl? *picks up old copy of US Weekly* The Twilight girl who cheated on her boyfriend with her director!?! 

Ben says the reason for dropping out was because of “scheduling issues” so we’ll give him the benefit of the doubt. It’s still strange seeing as Ben was the one that brought this script to prominence and was telling reporters that Kristen was “terrific” and hoped it would “work out.”

Anyways we don’t want to stir the pot on things we don’t know about, but c’mon, you can’t say you weren’t wondering it either.

That being said, Kristen is happily lounging in domestic bliss with Robert Pattinson, so we’re pretty sure that cheating incident was a one time thing. Everyone gets a hall pass, right?

Now, the lead male love interest part is up for grabs. Who do you want to see Kristen romancing next? Ryan Gosling? Leonardo DiCaprio? Hmmm, yah, Ryan Gosling.