Are 'Twilight' Actors Box Office Bombs?

July 10, 2012 By:
Are 'Twilight' Actors Box Office Bombs?

Say what you want about the Twilight franchise (“They’re the best movies ever!” or “They’re cheesy and poorly acted!”) regardless of how you feel about the vampire flicks, they are some of the highest grossing films in recent years. On average, each film in the Twilight franchise makes about $626 million each worldwide!

Despite the fact that the Twilight films are guaranteed box-office gold, the cast can’t seem to bring the same success to ANY of their other films. Aside from Kristen Stewart's recent turn in Snow White and the Huntsman (which I will get to later), the holy trinity of Kristen Stewart, Robert Pattinson, and Taylor Lautner continue to make films outside the franchise that totally bomb at the box office.

What has K-Stew starred in besides Twilight in recent years. On The Road? The Runaways? Welcome to the Rileys? How many of you have even heard of these movies? Now, of those, who actually SAW any of K-Stew’s films? Exactly, none of you. Welcome to the Rileys made about $317,382 worldwide, which is a laughably small amount of revenue. The Runaways fared a little better, bringing in $3 million, but it wasn’t enough to cover nearly $10 million it cost to make!

Robert Pattinson spends most of his time outside the Twilight franchise doing indie films, which probably explains why his movies literally make NO MONEY!

His homoerotic romance flick Little Ashes made just $480,000, his recent flick with Christina Ricci and Uma Thurman should have had a collective star power but grossed just $106,285 domestically and made about $7 million overseas. Which sounds like a lot and then I remind you that Twilight made over $600 million and $7 million seems like barely enough to cover craft services on a film. Pattinson’s only mainstream flick was Water For Elephants which made $100 million worldwide, not bad for a $38 million budget.

Taylor Lautner didn’t fare as well, his only major film outside the Twilight franchise was Abduction, a film that Taylor was supposed to carry. The film only made $28 million domestically, despite costing $35 million to make. Heck it costs $7.5 million just to hire Lautner. When he doesn’t deliver at the box office, it makes you wonder if he’s worth that much?

Now, K-Stew is the first of the Twilight kids to finally make a movie that even comes anywhere near Twilight numbers. Kristen’s role as Snow White in Snow White and the Huntsman made $338 million worldwide, enough to recoup the nearly $170 million it costs to make.

Do Twihards only want to see their favorite stars in the Twilight films and nothing else? Do non-Twilight fans hate to see any movie associated with the vampire actors? For being the highest paid young actors in Hollywood, they sure don’t do well at the box office. Oh Hollywood, you don’t make any sense.