Kristen Bell Would Like to do Broadway

October 23, 2009 By:
Kristen Bell Would Like to do Broadway

Kristen Bell has been busy with several roles in both movies and on television, including the just-released Astro Boy, and Couples Retreat which came out earlier this month.

Kristen also has a new movie she’s working on with Christina Aguilera called Burlesque, which has her working overtime on her cardio game. Speaking about the role at the Guess and Vanity Fair T-Shirt Launch Event to Benefit Invisible Children she told Hollyscoop, "I've started dance rehearsals and my neck is sore and my inner thighs are so sore.”

But it seems Kristen was a born performer, telling us she used to do little performances of her own back in the day. “I still love singing to Disney songs,” she said, “I use to record myself singing when I was 10 because I figured someone had to see this...but hopefully they're stashed away at my house and I don’t think my mom would sell me out.”

We asked if Kristen would ever want to do Broadway like so many fellow actors have been doing lately. She said, “I used to live in New York City and I did a few shows before. I would love the opportunity to do it again.”

We’d love to hear her sing!