Kristen Bell Frustrates Ryan Lochte On TV

August 17, 2012 By:
Kristen Bell Frustrates Ryan Lochte On TV

I love Kristen Bell. She cries over sloths and there’s something very Old Hollywood adorable about her, especially when she’s flabbergasting gold medal moron Ryan Lochte.

During an appearance on “The Tonight Show with Jay Leno," Bell, who was also a guest, grabbed all of Ryan’s medals as soon as he put them down while saying “I like jewelry!” and kept up a running commentary on Lochte’s conversation with Jay while wearing them.

Now, interrupting someone else’s interview isn’t exactly polite, but she was on stage for a reason: If producers wanted guests to be completely out of each others way, they wouldn’t have them on stage together. She raised her hand to ask Lochte to clarify something he said about rest and lactic acid at one point, but otherwise Kristen just jumped right in. Of Lochte’s exercise regime, she said it was “a real hillbilly workout…I like it.”

It was pretty obvious that despite all of Lochte’s acting aspirations, he sucks at improvisation. When he made a lame and definitely highly-rehearsed quip about getting an A in a college dance class being enough to qualify him to go on "Dancing with the Stars," Kristen interjected (probably sarcastically, though Lochte missed that), “Do you have any idea how much training it takes to be on Dancing with The Stars?” Lochte, who was visibly annoyed, replied “Do you know how much training you have to do to swim?”

Sigh. Lochte's snotty, a bad actor, a crappy Speedo designer and he can’t take a joke. At least he's nice on the eyes.