See Kris Jenner’s Bikini Bod

September 16, 2013 By:
See Kris Jenner’s Bikini Bod
Image By: Instagram

Kris Jenner took her clothes off…for some reason…and here it is.

(No) Thanks to Instagram, ANYBODY with a camera can post a photo of themselves in a bikini and well, this is what happened when Kris Jenner did exactly that.

She looks great, except for the piercing eye contact she’s making with you that may or may not turn you to stone if you look for too long.

Also, is this a photoshoot? Because she’s in full eye makeup and wearing a statement necklace while she’s supposed to be swimming.

If you care…this photo was posted just hours after her actual bikini-model-daughter Kendall Jenner posted THIS picture.

Maybe next time DON’T post a bikini pic when your freakishly tiny daughter also puts one online. Just a thought.