Kris Jenner’s Sister Confirms Kris and Bruce Are Separated

October 2, 2013 By:
Kris Jenner’s Sister Confirms Kris and Bruce Are Separated
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Kris Jenner has a younger sister named Karen Houghton that Kris doesn’t want you to know about.

Why doesn’t Kris want you to know about Karen? Because she knows all the gritty Kardashian drama that the Kardashians don’t want you to know about.

Exhibit A: Bruce and Kris are separated.

After months of tabloid rumors, Kris’ own sister said that the famous couple is headed for splitzville.

Karen tells In Touch that Kris has even consulted a lawyer and she and Bruce “are separated” right now. However, Karen adds that Kris and Bruce “still do things together” which is why you might see the whole family photographed together from time to time, but she added that “their relationship goes back and forth.”

That explains the “separate houses” situation, which the Kardashians tried to play off as, “two houses cuz we’re rich.”

Anyway, we’ve never heard anything from Kris’ sister Karen before, so we don't know what to believe. Show us how much Karen was paid for the interview and that will determine just how true this rumor is.