11 Reasons Kris Jenner Parties Harder Than You Do

October 20, 2013 By:
11 Reasons Kris Jenner Parties Harder Than You Do
Image By: Instagram

Kris Jenner has been “single” or “formally separated” for what? A few months? Kris and Bruce Jenner announced the separation this month, but in reality Bruce and Kris have been living in separate homes since June 2013.

While Bruce swore off the idea that either one of them was dating anyone new, Kris Jenner seems to be living the single life HARD. Have you seen her Instagram? It puts sorority girls to shame!

Here are 11 reasons why Kris Jenner parties harder than you do and yes, that emotion you’re feeling is most definitely jealousy.

She’s getting drinks with Lance Bass.

She goes wine tasting with Jonathan Cheban and that guy from "The Bachelor."

She went to Drake’s album release party?! WTF?! #NothingWasTheSame

Hunky guys in mesh tops are sweeping her off her feet!

She’s going to theme parks!

She does pool photo shoots, like she’s Kim K or something!

She went HAM at her daughter Kylie Jenner’s 16th birthday party.

She’s throwing back the Moscato like it’s 5 p.m. somewhere.

She got wasted in Paris with this guy.

She’s sitting courtside with Alec Baldwin’s daughter Ireland, like what?

She’s partying with Rita Wilson, like NBD.