Kris Humphries Wants to Dismiss His Prenup With Kim Kardashian

December 2, 2011 By:
Kris Humphries Wants to Dismiss His Prenup With Kim Kardashian

There's more to the Kris Kumphries-wants-an-annulment story than we thought. Kris reportedly wants to annul his marriage to Kim Kardashian because if he's granted the annulment, they will also throw out the pre-nup, but there's no such thing as a pre nuptial agreement if the nuptials don't exist. Kris Humphries is not as dumb as his voice suggests.

This is especially important because the pre-nup apparently includes a strict confidentiality clause which states that neither party can discuss intimate details about the relationship to the media, but if he gets an annulment of the marriage, there will be no pre-nup, therefore Kris doesn't have to follow the rules of the "confidentiality agreement."

But why do we, poor media consumers, care? Because without a pre-up Kris Humphries can finally give his candid and unrestricted account of his "relationship" with Kim Kardashian. TELL-ALL! TELL-ALL! TELL-ALL!

I smell a spin off, "I used to be a Kardashian: Kris Humphries tells his story" tonight on E!

"The confidentiality aspect of the prenup is extensive and was created just in case things went bad, neither Kim nor Kris could discuss their relationship to the media. But now, Kris wants to be able to talk about the relationship without fear of being sued," a source close to Kris tells

What could he possible have to tell about their relationship and the Kardashian family that we don't know already!? What does Kim's face actually look like underneath all that make-up? Or what is even up with those diamond rocks that Bruce Jenner wears in his ear lobes?

Yesterday Kris filed for an annulment of the marriage on the grounds that the marriage was "fraud," meaning that Kim deceived him into marrying her for the benefit of her reality TV career.

"Kris is getting excellent legal advice," says the source, "If the judge annuls the marriage, they were never legally married, and the prenup at the point is really moot. Kris wants this to play out in court, and wants the process to be transparent. If this needs to go to trial, he is ready for that."

Kris is ready to play dirty if that's what it takes. "The gloves are off, Kris won't be a doormat anymore," adds the source.

Now he decides to stop being a doormat? Where was that vigor when Kim Kardashian picked Kris out of a line-up of basketball players and said "I guess you'll work. Filming starts at 9am. Look husband-y."