Kris Humphries Has a Job Again

December 21, 2011 By:
Kris Humphries Has a Job Again

And it doesn’t involve looking for a $75,000 earring.

Kris Humphries is returning to the court, all set to sign a deal with the New Jersey Nets for $7 to $8 million. Might not be as much as he was getting from the Los Angeles Kardashians, but hey, at least he’s working.

Humphries is expected to rejoin his old team as early as Wednesday night, as they have a preseason game with the New York Knicks. Because of the recently resolved NBA lockout, Humphries has been out of a job for months. He was all set to retire with his 401Kardashian, but we all know how that played out (It didn’t).

Humphries recently tried filing for annulment, claiming “fraud.” Then, he appeared on Good Morning America on December 9. Why? To talk about his mom’s cupcakes. Which, actually, the public is probably more interested in than his relationship with the Kardashians at this point. Humphries said in the interview:

"Through everything I've just focused on family and preparing for basketball. Basketball is something I take really seriously and I continue to do that. You know, I'm just moving forward.”

And slam dunking isn’t the only gig Kris has lined up. He also recently landed an endorsement deal with Sector watches, and the payout is said to be around $150,000.

Humphries is also set to return to reality TV. Hold your judgments, it’s for the DIY Network. Humphries will appear on an upcoming episode of Man Caves. Host Jason Cameron helped Kris redecorate his bedroom to turn it into a, you know, man cave. Meaning there’s a toilet seat that never goes down and a special area to wipe your boogers. Because that’s what guys need.