AT&T May Have Helped Kris Allen Win American Idol

May 27, 2009 By:
AT&T May Have Helped Kris Allen Win American Idol

Adam Lambert fans will be furious to learn that phone giant AT&T may have swayed Idol outcome to favor Kris Allen.

According to an explosive new article in The New York Times, AT&T, who is one of the biggest corporate sponsors of American Idol, may have heavily influenced the outcome of this year's competition "by providing phones for free text-messaging services and lessons in casting blocks of votes at parties organized by fans of Kris Allen."

AT&T provided the free text-messaging services at two parties in Arkansas after the final performance episode of American Idol last week, according to the company and people at the events.

The Times reports that AT&T reps showed fans how to "power text," which meant to cast 10 votes with the touch of a button, which violates show rules. There were no such parties thrown for Lambert.

In a statement issued Tuesday, a spokesman for AT&T said, “In Arkansas, we were invited to attend the local watch parties organized by the community. A few local employees brought a small number of demo phones with them and provided texting tutorials to those who were interested.”

Needless to say, Lambert fans are furious with AT&T and blame the mobile giant for Lambert's loss last week. During the press conference following the show, a reporter backstage told Allen that the majority of the night’s votes came from Arkansas, and now we know why!

Do you feel cheated? Who did you vote for? We want to hear your thoughts on this possible scandal.