Scott Disick Was 'Obsessed With Sex' Says Pal

May 17, 2012 By:
Scott Disick Was 'Obsessed With Sex' Says Pal

As if we needed more video evidence that Scott Disick of "Keeping Up with the Kardashians" fame is a prick—Life & Style magazine published an interview with his childhood friend Donald Blanco who spills more than one of Disick’s dirty little secrets.

Blanco tells the mag that in the past, the two would apparently go out, pick up groups of girls (plural), bring them home, “do various things to them,” and naturally, film the whole thing. Alcohol, drugs and few STD’s might have been thrown into the mix, just to keep the plot moving along.

At least 8 or 9 of these tapes are said to exist, somewhere. No word on whether or not Kris, the Kardashian matriarch/brand mastermind, has secured the distribution rights or if Disick is in possession of those tapes.

"Scott was obsessed with sex," Donald, who shot some of the racy encounters and has seen the lewd videos in full, tells Life & Style. "He loved it."
Blanco says before Disick hooked up with Kourtney, the pals and two other friends engaged in intercourse with hundreds of women over a course of three years in New York's Hamptons and filmed some of the action.

According to Blanco, the duo (meaning Disick and Blanco not Disick and fill-in-the-blank) had big dreams. They wanted to be on TV. "We thought, If we start videotaping ourselves, maybe one day we can make a TV show out of it," he tells Life & Style. "Now Scott's on a reality show. He was always trying to make it to the top."

Shortcut to the “top” = Kourtney Kardashian. Luckily, Disick bedded and impregnated (not married) a Kardashian before the world had to be subjected to his version of Entourage.

The magazine also claims that Kourtney has kicked her baby daddy to the curb and it was all caught on tape for the upcoming season of "Keeping Up with the Kardashians."

"They were filming an intense scene recently, and she said something like, 'Just leave! I don't want you here -- come back when I'm ready to give birth,'" a family friend tells Life & Style.

Disick also reportedly missed out on her May 12 baby shower and a big Kardashian Mother's Day celebration the next day.

We've reached out to Kourtney and Scott for comment but nothing yet.

Yes, he's a catch ladies but he's taken!