Most Shocking Celebrity Pregnancy Announcements

March 17, 2012 By:
Most Shocking Celebrity Pregnancy Announcements

Today we learned that Snooki from The Jersey Shore is pregnant. While this is a normal part of human life, I’m pretty sure we all collectively gasped and then tweeted about it when Snooki announced she was “with child.” Mostly because The Jersey Shore is gonna be so ridiculous now with a baby to deal with. GTL&D? Gym, Tan, Laundry and Diapers? Weird.

These are the celeb pregnancies that literally shocked us. I’m not talking about Beyonce or Jessica Simpson or any of the celebs we’ve been rooting for to get knocked up, I’m talking about the celebs who got sperminated and we all went “gasp” and “really?” and maybe, “who's the baby daddy?”

January Jones: Remember January Jones? Nope? Yeah, ever since she had her baby, her baby daddy drama kind of blew over. But think back to April 2011 and remember the shock and awe when single “Mad Men” star January Jones announced she was having a baby! Everyone pointed their fingers at Jason Sudeikis and the X-Men director and it was so crazy! If I learned anything from watching Jerry Springer, it’s that people love paternity drama.

Bow Wow: So Bow Wow isn’t a lady or has a uterus, but I personally was pretty shocked to find out he had a kid. Mostly because he still has the “lil” in his name. What’s his daughter’s name, The Lilest Bow Wow? No much is known about his daughter except that her name is Shai.

Kristen Cavallari: Was Kristen Cavallari’s pregnancy THAT shocking? Ehh, kind of. After she called off her engagement, got back together, got re-engaged, then announced she was pregnant, we were all like, “What’s going on!” Well, I was at least.

Kourtney Kardashian: When Kourtney Kardashian announced she was pregnant with Scott Disick’s child I was shocked because if you’ve even seen one episode of “Keeping Up With The Kardashians” they totally paint Scott Disick as the bad guy, always! According to their show, him and Kourtney “don’t get along,” or at least that’s what the producers want us to believe. So when she was knocked up again, I was like “Hey E!, Scott can’t be THAT bad!”

Sienna Miller: In January, Sienna Miller announced she was expecting a child with her boyfriend Tom Sturridge. I don’t know why this pregnancy announcement shocked me, mostly because last time I checked, Sienna Miller was topless on a yacht somewhere in the south of France. Also, who knew she was even dating Tom Sturridge? I didn’t.

Kelsey Grammer: When Kelsey Grammer announced that his new wife Kayte Walsh was pregnant, we all looked to Camille Grammer for how to feel about this. Was it shocking? Should we congratulate? Is this a stab through the heart for Camille? No idea, but it blew over pretty quickly, so whatever.