Kristin Cavallari on Scott Disick Affair Rumor: The Kardashians Did It For Press

November 17, 2011 By:
Kristin Cavallari on Scott Disick Affair Rumor: The Kardashians Did It For Press

Just when people stopped drinking the Kool-Aid, the Kardashians poured a new batch. On Wednesday, rumors surfaced that Scott Disick, the Kardashian-by-association, had an affair with The Hills star, Kristin Cavallari.

A friend told Life & Style: "While Kourtney and Scott were on a break, Scott hooked up with Kristin."

Well, Kristin is speaking out now, and she has no idea what they're talking about. But she's convinced that the whole thing is a publicity stunt.

"It's 100 percent not true," Cavallari said. "I just think, what convenient timing for them with their show premiering next week. With everything that's going on for Kim, I feel like they're trying to take the heat off her."

Cavallari says it's suspicious that no one from the Kardashian camp denied it:

"When there's a big story like that, they always call you and ask if you want to comment and clearly none of them denied it."

She added that her ex-fiance, who she's been back on with since their split, "didn’t believe it for one second."

Cavallari has been trying to work out a relationship with her NFL boyfriend Jay Cutler since the two ended their engagement a few months ago.

"It's disrespectful to me and Jay," Cavallari added, "and I think it just says a lot about their character."

Is Kristin Cavallari a carpenter? Because she just hit the nail on the head.

A Kardashian pal told Life & Style: "Scott and Kristin hooked up in Las Vegas during a time [February 2009] that he was on a break from Kourtney."

According to the report, this made things awkward with Rob Kardashian being on DWTS alongside Cavallari.

"Scott and Kourtney argued about Kristin. Kourtney can't stand her now and didn't want Scott at show tapings."

According to the "friend", Kourtney "and her sisters have called Kristin 'the whore bag' ever since."

That totally sounds like a Kardashian phrase, though. Oh. My. God. Seriously, like, really? What a whore bag slore.

More than 100,000 people have signed a petition to end Keeping Up With The Kardashians. This is the next Occupy Wall Street.

The "No More Kardashian" petition was launched about two weeks ago. The originator, Cyndy Snider, said: "These shows are mostly staged and place an emphasis on vanity, greed, promiscuity, vulgarity and over-the-top conspicuous consumption.”

The petition reads:

"We are respectfully requesting that your network [E!] find other shows to air. 'Keeping up with the Kardashians’ is just not viewing that we the public, would like to see from your network. Enough is enough.”