Kris Jenner: Beyond Thrilled to Meet her Grandchild

August 13, 2009 By:
Kris Jenner: Beyond Thrilled to Meet her Grandchild

The pregnancy may have been a surprise to Kourtney Kardashian, but Kris Jenner is just excited she’s finally getting her grandchild!

On the last season of Keeping Up With the Kardashians, it was obvious Kris was starting to get empty nest syndrome, with all her girls running off and doing their own things. As you may recall, the girls orchestrated getting a monkey for Kris to hang out with for the day.

But now she’ll really be able to plan for a baby since her oldest child is preggers! Kris couldn’t be happier about the news, telling People, "I am beyond thrilled and excited and cannot wait to meet my new grandchild! We are truly blessed."

Despite the surprise it was for Kourtney, she told Kathy Lee on the Today show this morning that she is “So excited.” Kourtney also told Ryan Seacrest, "There's so many times I'll forget to take my pill. I've done that several times and never really thought about it…I know, it's stupid."

As for what’s up next for Kourtney and her (again) boyfriend Scott Disick, she says marriage plans are up in the air. She told Seacrest, "I don't know. We've talked about it, but I feel like there's so much going on that I like can't even go there."

One step at a time!