Kourtney to Scott: You're So Embarrassing

February 10, 2011 By:
Kourtney to Scott: You're So Embarrassing

In Sunday’s episode of Kourtney and Kim Take New York, Scott Disick picks Kourtney up from her hotel in a newly purchased $245,000 Rolls Royce. Kardashian scolds him, saying the whole thing “is ridiculous and embarrassing.”

The Kardashians must never have had their mom pick them up an hour late from band practice in a multi-colored 1991 Geo Metro that rattles down the street. Because getting picked up in a Rolls Royce is not embarrassing. And as far as ridiculous, Kourtney should be used to it by now, especially if she follows her boyfriend on Twitter.

Disick recently posted a photo on his page of his son driving a toy car along with the quote: "Mr mason in his first Lamborghini, couldn't find him a grey 1 like mine so I got him a white 1”.

We get it, Disick. You have money. You’re loaded. Just learn to capitalize your own son’s name if you’re going to capitalize the word Lamborghini.