Kourtney Kardashian: The Baby has Changed My Life

January 13, 2010 By:
Kourtney Kardashian: The Baby has Changed My Life

Kourtney Kardashian seems as happy as she ever has been since having a baby. In the newest edition of Life & Style, the new mom gushes about how little Mason has changed her life for the better.

She tells the magazine she doesn’t miss all the clubbing and partying she used to do til all hours of the night.

“I’m just loving all the time with him,” Kourtney tells the magazine. “I really don’t miss my old life. I can’t imagine life without Mason now.”

She says her schedule has done a complete 180 since she and boyfriend Scott Disick have become parents. “I used to get up and literally not stop until at least midnight,” she says.

“I really don’t miss my freedom at all — there’s nothing I’d rather do than be home with Mason and Scott.

As for Kourtney and Scott’s new life, she says, “We relax, eat, sleep, play. Our biggest plans now are taking Mason out for a stroll or giving Mason his first bath. It’s amazing how fulfilling those things are for me.”

She sounds so happy! It’s amazing how much motherhood changes people!