Khloe Kardashian Playing Matchmaker for Sister Kourtney

June 2, 2009 By:
Khloe Kardashian Playing Matchmaker for Sister Kourtney

Now that Kourtney and Khloe Kardashian are in Miami doing their own thing, it’s time for them to start looking for those special someones. Both sisters had tough break-ups with their boyfriends, especially Kourtney, who had been with Scott for a couple of years.

But now they have a clean slate, and Khloe is set on finding her older sister a suitable man. But because it’s Khloe, there’s a twist to this dating game.

Khloe will be hosting a speed dating session for men who are interested in taking her sister out. She says it’s her own way at getting back at Kourtney for setting her up on so many blind dates in the past.

Khloe wrote on her website Tuesday, "It's my turn to have a little fun! Kourtney hates the 'getting to know you' game, as she calls it, so she NEVER dates! So I decided that it was my responsibility to help my dear sister find a suitable, and sexy, companion. LOL."

"So all of you eligible bachelors out there, if you think my sister Kourtney is a hot bitch and you want to date her, swing by DASH in Miami this Thursday, June 4th at noon so I can judge ALL of you! Who knows? You just might be picked to go on a date with Kourtney!"

That’s one way of getting people in your new store location! Killing two birds with one stone! But if this speed dating session is anything like the one Kourtney set up for Khloe, we don’t have high hopes for the eligible bachelors. We don’t think it’ll be long before Kourtney finds a new man on her own!