Kardashians May Know Person Who Robbed Kourtney

October 23, 2009 By:
Kardashians May Know Person Who Robbed Kourtney

The Kardashian family says they have an idea of who stole $10,000 worth of jewelry from Kourtney Kardashian’s home last week. Kris Jenner was on Ryan Seacrest this morning, and told him, “We have a hunch!”

Kris also told Ryan the clan thinks the thieves are people who are jealous of their family, and know insider information that helped them break in. She was referring to the fact that whomever

broke in knew that Kourtney’s alarm system was down at that time. "Here's the thing," Kris said, "We're in principal production on a reality show [with] cameras rolling at all times. So somebody had to know exactly what time to get in and get out. When cameras weren't rolling. It was just very interesting, the timing."

"They knew what they were going in for. There were laptops laying on her bed; nobody touched the laptops."

The thieves only went for the jewelry, which Khloe also chimed in on, saying, "And they knew what was real jewelry and what was costume jewelry.”

They also took a sentimental watch given to Kourtney from Kris after Robert Kardashian passed away. She says, "That was a really special piece of jewelry I had given my first born daughter -- now it's gone."

Hopefully they will figure out who did this! It would be surprising if anything was returned, but at least Kourtney could rest at night knowing who did that to her. Looks like she’ll be beefing up security now!