'ParaNorman' Star Kodi-Smit McPhee Says The Movie Took Three Years To Make

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'ParaNorman' Star Kodi-Smit McPhee Says The Movie Took Three Years To Make

Hollyscoop has named Kodi-Smit McPhee our newest rising star! He voices the lead character in “ParaNorman,” made his mark in Hollywood playing Viggo Mortensen’s son in “The Road” and is set to play Benvolio in the new remake of “Romeo and Juliet.”

We caught up with the 16-year-old Australian actor as he plans to take Hollywood by storm!
Kodi talks about how “ParaNorman” took three years to make, his own rap career, and the Nickelodeon actress he has a crush on!

Hollyscoop: What was it like working on ParaNorman?

Kodi: It was awesome, I had never done, I have done animation before but not thing this huge nothing like stop motion. Its really a different world, I guess you’d call it live action. It was recorded with everyone. Christopher Mintz-Plasse and Anna Kendrick, got to go down to Portland and see them making the puppets and clothes. It was a lot of fun.

HS: What was your reaction the first time you read the script?

Kodi: Well, I first got the sides in Australia. Then when I got the job I went to America and read the script. And it had all this fun stuff in there, there was adventure, a really deep story as well.

HS: What was the recording process like?

Kodi: It was kind of crazy, we had ten sessions and we would go and there would a few months in between. It took about two years, two to three years. I was fourteen when I started now I’m sixteen. It’s amazing to actually get it out there.

HS: If kids could take home some sort of lesson what would it be?

Kodi: There is a lot about bullying, standing up for who you are, staying true to yourself and facing decisions. I think a cool thing is that if a kid goes in there and sees it he can see those things but also take away a fun adventure film. If an adult goes and sees it he can take away the avalanche story of bullying. It’s a really great all around film.

HS: Lets talk Romeo and Juliet- what can fans expect from your character in the movie?

Kodi: I play Benvolio, he is a really sweet character he’s actually a lot like Norman. He’s quiet, but he says any truth. The edition we did is basically as close as possible to the original Shakespeare play. We are really just making it for this generation.

HS: Dream co-star/celeb crush?

Kodi: Arianna Grande, I think that’s her name. She’s really cute.

HS: What do you do for fun?

Kodi: I skateboard, I make music, normal kid stuff.

HS: What kind of music?

Kodi: Dub Step and rap

HS: What can we find on your Ipod?

Kodi: Dub step, rap and indie music. I guess like KORN.