Kobe Bryant Talks Trash With President Obama

September 28, 2012 By:
Kobe Bryant Talks Trash With President Obama

You can’t take the competive spirit out of an athlete like Kobe Bryant… Not even if the president suits up for the other team.

The Lakers star sat down for a chat on Friday's episode of “The Ellen DeGeneres Show.” Among other things, in the discussion, the duo touch on the topic of etiquette when it comes to schooling the Commander in Chief on the court.

Ellen broke out the subject of Kobe’s recent basketball game with President Obama, asking about his numerous trips to the White House.

The image of a world-renowned athlete and the leader of the free world playing a game of pickup one-on-one is bizarre enough, but what exactly do you talk about in that situation?

Apparently, just a lot of smack…

“He talks a lot of trash,” Kobe tells Ellen. “Because you know he’s from Chicago. The Bulls through and through. He always talks Bulls this, the Bulls that…I’m like, my goodness. Can I talk trash to the President? Is that allowed? Is that frowned upon?”

Protecting his dignity, when Ellen questioned if Kobe talked trashed back, the NBAer answers very matter of factly…

“Of course I did. I couldn’t help it,” he says, as the audience laughs in response.

According to Kobe, Obama put up a good fight in the game.

“He’s very, very good,” he says, adding that – sometimes – you’ve got to let the other guy win. He is the President, after all…

“The thing that’s interesting is that if he makes a nice move…you kind of catch yourself,” he says. “I’m going to steal the ball from him…Then all the sudden I start peaking around looking for the CIA. You know I should just let him go.”

And by “CIA,” we can only assume he meant secret service…

Kobe’s interview on “Ellen” aired on Friday.